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We are a montessori middle school called quest and were looking for a business idea and someone said "lets do a soap making buisness" then someone else said "lets do a organic buisness and name it bee green." so we took the idea and ran with it.

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Quest is an authentic experience for adolescents with an aim to not only prepare them for high school, university, or trades, but for life; socially, critical-thinking, self-concern and care and to seek his/her/their place in the world.  The Montessori Secondary Curriculum provides each adolescent the opportunity to realize they are strong, worthy, and capable of effort.  The middle school years are timely.  Montessori programs respond to the adolescent’s needs to express creativity, to problem solve, to become responsible, respectful, and to be ethical contributors to our world as unique human beings.  Discovering who they are and finding out where they fit begins now.  As they grow and mature, building confidence is necessary to initiate changes.

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