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Making our shower scrub is an easy process involving adding the ingredients into a double boiler to melt into liquid, place the shower scrub solution into the fridge and chill until solid then whip until soft and add oats and essential oil into the scrub and place into mason jars.

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About Our Leather

For lip balm we start with weighing all of our ingredients then put everything into the top portion of a double boiler.


Once everything is melted down we strain the lipbalm then weigh the lip balm on our scale then pour around one ounce of lip balm into each container

First, we put our slow cooker on low and add the coconut oil. Once the oil is melted we add in the olive oil. Then wait for it to warm up to the right temperature. Once it's to the right temperature we add in the lye then blend it on low for 15 minutes. We then cover the slow cooker and let it cook. After we let it cool and pour it into the moulds. The next day we remove the soap from the moulds and cut it with a soap cutter. Then we wrap it with paper  and label the soaps. After this process we are left with our beautiful hand soap. 

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